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Monday, February 18, 2008

Linking up with RonDean

John Salley wants to get a NASCAR team going. Please let him draw Brad Dougherty back into the sport. The sport needs a little color errr ethnicity uhhh soul. What's the pc way to say every guy in the garage is white? (ESPN)

Mark Cubans yearbook is on Ebay, forget the lame hair I mean he still has that. How bout those pants(Yard Barker)

Reggie Miller invites you all to visit him in the Too Much Information department(insomniacs lounge via The Big Lead)

Since I would blast an athlete doing the wrong things I'll include this link on Caron Butler's turn around so I can keep telling myself I am fair(ESPN)

Since it isn't quite time for the combine here's your football fix(SportsbyBrooks)

I don't like Roger Goodell but atleast now I have a reason(Fanhouse)

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