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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Update: Who's Picking The Giants Jan 30th

Ok so I have only one new addition to the list o'people picking the Giants to win the Superbowl

Jan 30th -
Bill Plaschke - LA Times Columnist today on Around the Horn

Jan 29th -
Shockingly the less interesting pick is Jon Stewart. With the more intersting pick title going to this guy errrr fella uhhh one

This Brings the list to
Bill Plaschke - LA Times Columnist on Around the Horn
Jon Stewart - Host of The A Daily Show
The Camel - Popcorn Park Zoo
Fran Tarkenton - Former Minnesota Vikings quarterback on the Mike and Mike show.
Dr. Z -
Sean King - ESPN Analyst on First Take
Mike Weiss - Forum Guest on Jim Rome is Burning

I'll keep updating this as the week progresses.

Did I miss anyone who picked the Giants

Who do you think will win the Big game

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You can add me to the Giants list!