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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Johan Santana to the Mets, Not As Bad As I Thought

So initially I am just baffled, how do four guys I've never heard of get the Mets the best pitcher in the game right now.

Oh, I get that baseball is about prospects and teams build themselves up for the future. While teams like the Atlanta Braves have built long standing consistency with their farm system constantly building a good club. There are the Yankees on the other side spending as fast as they can to go after talent. Somewhere in between is a club like the Angles who relies heavily on thier farm system and is somewhat reluctant to trade up-and-coming talent but is still willing to go after a good player if they're out there. All of these are good models and clearly have there own levels of success.

The Twins model I don't understand. For the last decade they have been developing for the future and then trading that future away, or just flat letting it leave once it gets to a level where it can demand money.

So while I was initially baffled, I now understand. Why not carry these for guys as hope for the fans. Knowing full well when they get good the only question will be, Beantown or Pinstripes?

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