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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ohio St. or Michigan What Will Terrelle Pryor Do

So National signing day is just around the corner. No one seems to know what Terrelle Pryor is going to do. The simple fact that we haven't gotten one solid leaked rumor so far leads me to believe that Pryor himself may not even be sure at this point.

This Saturday Pryor will play in home game for his Jeannette High basketball game. In attendance you'll find Buckeye's Head coach Jim Tressel and new Wolverine's head man Rich Rodriguez. Some how I don't think they'll be sharing popcorn. Maybe Rodriguez could ask Tressel for a loan since he can't seem to pay his bills.

If you care about the feelings of some one closely related you can check out his prep coaches "gut feeling"

I honestly don't get the whole draw of either of these schools. They have been hammered by every high profile opponent they have faced, other than Michigan sending Lloyd Carr out on a high note against Florida. They are Hawaii and Boise st. The Big-10 errr 11 is the WAC. They both play thier own weak conference and even weaker out of conference schedule. OSU is going to get throttled when they actually face a real team in USC.

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