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Friday, February 1, 2008

Kobe Bryant (over)Reacts to Pau Gasol Trade

Forget the comments, the sound bites, and the good copy that Kobe Bryant was laying down when asked about the trade that would not only bring Pau Gasol to the Lakers but free the team of the yoke that is Kwame Brown.

You really want to know how he feels watch what he did after the ball was tipped up. Kobe has always been a player who responded well on the court to the things that were going on off of it. Think back to those games where he was in a Colorado court house all day and then on the court in LA hours later. He was nothing but dominant in almost every one of those games. That was with bad news weighing on him.

Tonight when he faced off against the Raptors in Toronto's Air Canada center. He took the court with possibly the best news he has heard in his time as a Laker on his mind and it showed. Kobe Bryant went for 46 points, 7 rebounds, and 5 assists. Those 46 were worth a little more than normal though. Quite a few of them were high flying acrobatic displays of just how far Kobe has come from the guy who was demanding a trade on the cell phone video of some kid in Orange County.

Just a small prediction but I caught Jomario Moon taking notes on a few of those moves by Kobe we might see Moon trying to duplicate 'em at the Dunk Contest in New Orleans this year.

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