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Friday, February 1, 2008

Linking up with RonDean

Since my 4 year old isn't quite ready for snowboarding yet, this seems like a great introduction for him. Kinda of like how I bought me him a Wii for Christmas.

Shawn over at has a post up covering things he thinks bug only him. He's right on some of them that I can't even identify with, You know like being 6'7" (and the metric system for that matter) Let him know which ones bug you too.

Everybody loves a freakshow, right. Check out Wireds list of the best extinct animals

Warning: this contains spoiler type info for a Superbowl commercial. This is one of my favorite companies and I am happier everytime they expand into a new arena.

GIZMODO put out a list of the most blatantly sexist gadgets ever. I get that they are geared towards men, but I find most of these disturbing.

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