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Friday, February 1, 2008

Goodell Called Before Congress To Discuss Spygate

I despise the fact that congress got involved in steroids. I mean they have plenty to worry about. Even if they didn't it still isn't really in the scope of congress' job to oversee baseball.

While I have constantly held that position I have over the last few months been somewhat swayed by the argument that it's all about the kids. You can't deny that the example professional athletes set affect the youth of our country. It goes beyond that though, forget the example set for youth. The fact is one guy does it to make the league now the next guy has to do it to make the league.

So I am starting to come around to Congress' involvement. Then what do I see crawling across ESPN's Bottom line. Congress has called Roger Goodell before them to investigate the destruction of the tapes and the Spygate issues in general. I'm sorry, what!? Explain this one to me someone, who is this protecting. Are they going to look into the widespread allegations that every team does it. This is just the most blatant attempt to get around history. Look the Superbowl winners go to the White House every year. Congress, if you want to get around the NFL and it's players then invite them, they would probably show up. But abusing your position in Congress is just phenomenally weak to me.

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GoOrange said...

I don't mind seeing congress looking into things like steroid abuse, but destroying the spygate tapes seems like much ado about nothing.

I understand that due to antitrust exemptions the NFL is beholden to the whims of congress, but this may be pushing it.