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Friday, January 18, 2008

NFL Conference Championship Weekend

Cinderella or Clash of the Titans
So which are you rooting for the Cinderella story or the Clash of the Titans. You can have the aging legend and the golden boy quarterback. You could go the other route and opt for the continually beaten down little brother, to receive some kind of passing of the torch on Sunday. Then he would get that rematch against the golden boy. The match ups involving the loud mouth quarterback?? You ask. Let’s not waste each others time.
The Story line machine is cranking this week. The Eli Manning vs. Phillip Rivers, who got the better side of that deal. The 19-0 season on the line. The "we all might have put Brett Favre out to pasture just a bit to early" story line. I also like the which is a bigger steal; Moss for a 4th rounder or Favre for a first rounder that the Falcons used on Tony Smith.
Either way I can’t wait to see the NFL Championship. The story should be great either way. As great as the story could be, the potential for the upset could make it the best Superbowl game in recent memory

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