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Friday, January 18, 2008

Cincinnati Bengals Offseason

Cincinnati Bengals - I can’t even start this without addressing the most recent rumblings from Ocho Cinco’s camp. He basically feels that he is not really wanted, and feels like he is viewed as a cancer. His assessment of that is, “If I am cancer, then this team needs chemo” The reality is he isn’t going anywhere. He is under contract and why would you trade him.
The Bengals made a good move to improve their defense with the hire of Mike Zimmer, away from Atlanta.(look on the bright side Falcon fans, at least he didn’t slink off in the middle of the season)
Now they need to upgrade the players, I don’t mean the talent. That seems to be at a reasonable level. The real issue here is a bunch of players on this team (see: everyone but Houshmanzada) don’t play up to their potential. I am not normally one to give a hall pass to a professional athlete. I wouldn’t be willing to give a pass to ONE here either. But it isn’t just one. When basically everyone on a team doesn’t show up prepared to play on Sunday, I can’t help but looking towards the head coach.
But this attitude of apathy seems to run down hill from the front office and ownership. The Bengals seem to be much more interested in the profit Margin than the win-loss margin.
"I think we're efficient. I don't apologize for that. [Other teams] can do what they do. We do what we do," says owner Mike Brown.
Bengals Fans I have a plan of action for you. Reach out to the Oakland Athletic’s who get to suffer through this same model of leadership. OK don’t, do something about it If you allow your team to continue on feeling that fiscal success is not tied to playoff success or god forbid a championship. Then that is your own fault.
As far as the draft, They will probably look defense hoping that the offensive slump this year was just a fluke. If James Lauranitas(LB-OSU) makes it this far he would be hard to pass, as would be Kieth Rivers(LB-USC). Their real number one priority should be Sedrick Ellis(DT-USC) With a presence like that in the middle the Bengals could actually see the production of defensive ends Justin Smith and Robert Geathers increase past the 4.2 million per sack mark they set this year. Beyond his presence in the middle his real value might be his presence as a leader in the locker. This team could use his presence.

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