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Friday, January 18, 2008

NBA Rumor Mill

So let's play make believe. Let's pretend that we are very concerned about Rajon Rondo's back, not his inability to stop a bigger guard. Let's pretend that all is fine in Shamrock land. Let's pretend the games against Detroit are concerning. Let's act like we are fine being a three deep team, and we haven't noticed the signicant drop off in back-to-back games.
Reality Check. Rondo can't guard a big point man. If the Celtics were to bring in another guard, it would be partially to insure Rondo'sinjury but it would also be to solove the Chuancy Billups Big guard problem.There are really only two considerations here, well maybe three.
First lets look at least likely. Stephon Marbury. Ok he has been a grease fire in New York. This situation couldn't have gone worse. But he was successful in Minnesota, with Garnett reigning him in. He is a physical guard and could work. In all reality though as big a mess as this guy is, he just announced he will miss the remainder of the season with an ankle problem. He can't be foolish enough to comeback if a trade is on the table. Right? I mean Right? then again who comes out and says that he has dirt on his head coach.
Damon Stoudemire. Are you kidding me, available doesn't mean appropriate. I mean nobody with a mighty mouse tatoo is getting brought in to guard Billups.
Now to the real possibility. Sam Cassell, I didn't really like this option purely because I didn't see the Clippers giving him up but they aren't doing anybetter with him in than when they were using Brevin Knight to replace him. They also will have somewhat of a log jam at the point once Sean Livingston retruns(current rumors have him returning sometime after the All-Star break). There is also the fact that Cassell and Garnett had a great relationship in Minnesota, as well as the fact he is a bigger Point who can defend Billups, as well as provide veteran leadership on a team pushing toward the playoffs. Don't forget Cassell has won it all before.
I like Cassell as the most likely option but I also think it really depends on Livingstons progress.

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