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Friday, January 18, 2008

Kupchak to Chris Webber - Call Transcript

I know I am going back to the same well of a topic, but I can't let it go.

“Yeah is Chris there”
“Hey Chris, it’s me Mitch again”
“Hey Mitch, You know I was expecting another call soon. I just finished watching the game against Phoenix”
“Oh… oh, you did”
“Yeah Mitch I did, you know that price for the rest of the year just went up a little bit every time Kwame Brown dribbled off his foot, and then again when he missed a point blank dunk.”
“Yeah Chris let’s get down to the part where you tell us exactly what it’s going to take to get Kwame Brown back on the pine”

Seriously the Lakers are ridiculous in the middle. Kwame Brown is just a head case, the minute he heard booing from the stands(which should never happen at home, not to the extent it did any way) he was done, he couldn't even dribble racking up 3 of his seven turnovers on consecutive plays. I like Ronny Turiaf he is a great spark off the bench but, that is what he is. He is not a starting center in this league, not even for two months.


Anonymous said...

I think ronny should be given a chance. I think there is more to him than people know. Hell i could play better than kwame!!!!!!!!

Ron Dean said...

I agree with the fact that Ronny needs a chance but not at center. I like Webber filling in, I also have heard DJ Mbenga but I am not sure he is solid enough to make bringing him on worth while