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Friday, January 18, 2008

How Much is Bud Seligs soul worth

So Bud managed to wrangle a new contract yesterday, taking him through 2012 as the commissioner. This comes days after he faced congress in relation to MLB’s involvement in steroids. A showdown which featured Selig admitting to his responsibility in the steroids scandal. It also comes a year after the fact that he said he wasn’t interested in continuing past 2009.
I could live with him going back on what he said, I mean this is professional sports. I even understand them extending his contract, who else is going to take that job right now. What I can’t deal with is the raise, somewhere in the 2 million a year range which would bump him up to 16.5 million.
Are you serious!? Don’t start rattling off about increased revenue, and the popularity of the sport. If you want to hand out 2 mil a year for that go ahead and address that check to former Balco boss, Victor Conti. The man who skyrocketed the use of performance enhancers in baseball. I don’t know his address but you can send it to the Federal Prison system and I am sure they will get it to him.
Just curious Bud, when you sold your soul to the steroids devil, did even you think that came with a raise.

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