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Thursday, January 24, 2008

NBA Midseason recap (Eastern Conference)

Boston - I am not as impressed as I thought I would be. I know they are leading the NBA but it is a long season and the longer the season the more pronounced the lack of depth becomes an issue.

Detroit - Looks like they Pistons aren't quite ready to pass the Eastern conference over to the Celtics just yet. Which is a good thing becuase Flip Suanders is coaching for his job this year.

Orlando - Ladies and gentleman your up and comer in the east. Led by the emergence of Dwight Howard, the revival of Rashard Lewis and Hedo Turkoglo. I am sure Seattle and Sacramento are glad to be rid of all that dead weight.

Cleveland - Speaking of up and comers I'll bet King James and Mike Brown wish it was a year ago. All these pieces can't seem to fit together and what do the Cavs do. Extend Mike Brown, I heard a lot of how this was an endorsement of Mike Brown because they must have cleared it with Lebron James. First off I hope that isn't how decisions are made, by running them through James. If it is I still don't by the endorsement. I am more likely to think that means James wont be there long. If he is leaving anyway who cares who runs that team.

Washington - As Caron Butler and Antawn Jamison have risen to the occasion and then some, since Gilbert Arenas went down with an injury. Now with his looming return the question becomes, whata boutthe fact they were winning a lot more often since Arenas went out.

Toronto - While they definately need to solve the point guard question. They have the entertainment question answered between breakout Jomario Moon's high energy act on the court and Chris Bosh's High comedy act off of it.

Atlanta -They're not there yet, they probably wont get there this year, but they are so young and so talented across the board. The future is as bright in Atlanta as it has been since Dominique left town

Indiana - Between O'neal making his mediocre presence felt in only about a third of the games played, and the fact that Jamal Tinsley can't seem to make it home before 3 in the morning. The only real bright spot has been how well Dunleavy has played in O'neals absence.

New Jersey - All of a sudden supposed headache the Jason Kidd missed a game with earlier this season has become a very real one due to the Nets poor play.

Chicago - First the players get the coach bounced (on christmas eve no less) then they decide a fellow teammate needs tohave his suspension extended. Dear (whoever is coaching the bulls by the time I hit post), please stop letting the inmates run the asylum

Charlotte - With the addition of Nazr Mohammed, looks like Jordan might finally be turning that losing as a manager trend around. Also Jason Richardson seems to be fitting in very well. Though that Emeka Okafor versus Dwight Howard comparison seems to be developing a Grand Canyon between the two of them.

Milwaukee - Don't worry at leat you guys are number one in China. Oh, whats that... Houston. Hey number two ain't bad

Philadelphia - Larry Brown is basically begging in public for a coaching gig. But he felt the need to specify that he was interested in caching the team he currently works for. Not a good sign.

New York & Miami - Who will win the don't finish dead last track meet.

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