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Friday, January 25, 2008

Kansas City Chiefs Offseason

Kansas City has a lot of work to do this offseason. Probably a lot of work to do over the next few seasons. Unlike most teams that are in such bad shape (See: Dolphins, Ravens, and Falcons), the Chiefs are at least keeping the head coach, and have already made huge progress in one key area.

They hired Chan Gailey to be their offensive coordinator. Herm Edwards gave Gailey high praise saying "Wherever he’s coached, he has designed dynamic offenses to take full advantage of his players’ skills." Bill Cowher also piled on the praise saying "Of all the coordinators that I’ve had work for me, Chan Gailey was, if not the best, one of the best, and as resourceful an offensive mind that I’ve been around" It will actually be a combination of the two mens praise that will make or break Gailey (and possibly Edwards) in 2008.

The Chiefs have had a reputation under Edwards of being to flat and predictable on offense, so that dynamic offense sounds like just what the Doctor ordered. That isn't a turn key fix though because the Chiefs don't have dynamic talent so Gailey is going to need to be resourceful in order to get the most out of his talent. Both Edwards and Cowher took time to mention his teaching ability. Which chould come in handy with the amount of young players they will need to step up in 2008.

As far as the draft the first real question will be what holes do we need filled. A lot of them, so much so that the Chiefs will be in a postion to draft the best player since it is most likely a position of need. One spot they wont need to fill is that of 2007 NFL sack leader Jared Allen. His contract is up this offseason, but the team has already said if they can't work out a new deal they will franchise tag him to keep him in Kansas City.

The Chiefs will pick between 3-5 depending on the results of coint toss that will be held prior to the combine. It will only half matter since the other two teams in the 3 way tie are Oakland and Atlanta. While Oakland and Kansas City could compete for some of the same prospects, Atlanta needs a quarterback a position both the Chiefs and Raiders aren't looking to draft at (though in my opinion the Chiefs are a lot more confident in their QB than I would be). This will all be solved if Jake Long(OT-Mich) makes it past the first two picks. Oakland is not about to repeat the Robert Gallery expirement with Long. Long, on the other hand, fits the Chiefs number one need. Without Willie Roaf and Will Shields, that offensive line needs a serious upgrade.

Everything changes if Long goes off the board in the first two picks, which is possible depending on who ends up with the #1, to some one looking to get Darren McFadden(RB-ARK). If Parcells is unable to move the first overall pick he is more likely to take a big man on either side of the ball. Either Jake Long, Chris Long(DE-VA) or Glenn Dorsey(DT-LSU). With the Rams at the second pick they would likely take one of the three left, they desperately need help on thier offnesive line but probably need defense even more. The Chiefs then would be looking at who ever remains between the two Longs(not related), Dorsey, and Mcfadden. If the Raiders select before them Mcfadden will be gone if not that will be their second choice after Long.

No matter what they do at the drafte expect the Herm Edwards on the hot seat talk early and often. He will most likely be coaching for his job next year.

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