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Friday, January 25, 2008

Bits and Pieces

Heat get their 15th loss- Seriously this is just getting unbearable to watch. In a related story...

ESPN has 4,000 widgets - The next widget currently in development will show a coutdown to the next heat loss with a running total of how far they are from the record of 23 losses in a row

Kevin Johnson for Mayor - Apparently Sacramento is need of an assist.

Cyclist DQ'd for 'Severe' Headbutt - I am sorry I wasn't aware there is an acceptable level of headbutting in cycling. Maybe I should give it a second chance. Ok a first chance.

Update on Ron Hunter coaching Barefoot - Coach managed to get 110,000 shoes more than doubling his goal of 40,000. See my previous posts about this here.

Suns plan outdoor preseason game - A sure sign you are moving in the wrong direction, You are copying the NHL.

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