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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Update on Ron Hunter coaching barefoot

Today, Jan. 24th, is the day that Head Coach Ron Hunter, of Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis, IuPuI will coach barefoot. I posted about this Jan 17th.

I wanted to bring this issue back to people's mind today, also I have few updates.

Hunter was on Mike and Mike this morning where he announced that Nine West had called him recently to donate 5200 shoes. It was nice to hear such gratitude and appreciation on his part as he acknowledged that this brought him to 30,000 shoes which is only 10,000 shy of his goal. He then appealed to Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic to go the rest of their show barefoot to show support. They then said they could do even better than that. They then brought on a representative from Converse who donated 15,000 shoes on the spot.

The big question at that point was whether or not Ron Hunter should go with the pedicure . Greenberg, and The Converse representative (a female) said yes, Mike Golic said No. What do you think, should a man who is going to be barefoot on national television get a Pedicure?

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