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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Winter X Games

I really can't explain this to you, just watch it is literally addicting. I still watch clips of all the past X games that I have on my iPod.

Today is the opening day of the winter X games. The Games will open up with the snowmobile speed and style as well as the ski superpipe men’s final.

Two new features of the games this year are the fact that the X games are going green (not surpising with the number of granola lovers in Colorado). Much more significant to me is the fact it will be in HD. The complete TV schedule is here.

What to watch for

I personally love the Snowboard events but that is partially personal preferances I am a snowboarder.

Some of the snowmobiling events are new and tweaked so I can't wait to see how that play's out.

The Shaun White show, with all his over the top everything is gonna be great

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