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Thursday, January 24, 2008

NBA Mid-Season recap (Western Conferance)

New Orleans -Chris Paul has managed to find the Tyson Chandler, we all expected him to be. As a duo the two have combined to more than double the next pair in ally-oops. Not the most solid stat but it does show Paul's direct involvement in Chandlers emergence .

Phoenix - I love to watch em play and that offense is fun, but I doubt the Suns sit down every year in the offseason and say "I really hope we entertain bloggers everywhere" No they are in it to win, and they really need to accept the fact that their system just wont take it all the way, and it isn't getting any better with age.

Dallas - Avery Johnson said last year they were spent by the time the playoffs cane around, and he wanted to pace himself. So far so good. Maybe mix in a pinch more rest (see:losses)

Denver - Not impressed there in 4th in the division. I am impressed they are there with the string of injuries.

Los Angeles Lakers - Everything was roses until Andrew Bynum went down. Now let's see which Kobe leads them through this stretch. GO GET CHRIS WEBBER. I don't think he is the cure-all that everyone seems to think he is but he is sure better than DJ Mbenga.

San Antonio - Every year they turn it on later and later. Seems like this might be the year it is to late.

Portland - Thanks to the addition of Greg Oden, Even with out Oden, Trailblazers are going to be a force in the west. How nice does this get when next year they add Oden into the mix.

Golden State - Ever since the return of Stephen Jackson , the Warriors have been rolling. Who knew all those Captain Jack jokes would fall so flat. Jackson has even had the good sense to defer the praine to Baron Davis, who is a headcase very emotional player

Utah - In need of spark for the team, the Jazz went out and signed... Kyle Korver?? Really, that is your big solution. Keep on trying. I love Jazz coach, Jerry Sloan, (if you find the opportunity, watch film of him playing. TOUGH) but you have to acknowledge the fact that he is not getting the potential from all the talent he has. The game may be past him.

Houston - I am not a Rocket(s) scientist. But even I can see simple math. Yao is a great player. T-Mac is a great player. T-mac and Yao are an average (I'm being generous) team. Trade T-mac, get what you can get and move on.

Sacramento - With all the injuries the team has suffered, the Kings have to be happy to be where they are. Now that Kevin Martin, Mike Bibby, and Ro Artest are back, thing are looking good. with a strong push, they are playoff bound. I also think they could get a good return on trading Beno Udrih in a PG point league.

LA Clippers - The most interesting thing for LA's step child is the developing drama between, owner Donald Sterling and Coach Mike Dunleavy. Sterling all of sudden decided that after 20+ years of mediocrity now he needs a winner and if Dnleavy can't do it then there will be changes. Really you have been in the bottom of the NBA for my entire life and now that you have two major players in Elton Brand and Shaun Lvingston out for the year and Sam Cassell missing a few weeks with back problems. Now he expects success. Stering, go back to sleep.

Memphis - Pau Gasol is starting to play the pre-season hype predicted. Instead of like he has the last few years. At this point it is to little to late. When you are supposed to be one of the top players in the league, you shouldn't get outplayed by a guy on your own team. Rudy Gay is talented but he shouldn't be leading your team.

Seattle - Kevin Durant will be really exciting to watch. As he fills out a little to help his defense he will be a real force. Notice all these statement are future tense, see you next year Sonics.

Minnesota - Whew, thankfully you unloaded all the Kevin Garnett baggage. Seriously, does Kevin Mchale get another ring if the Celtics win.

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