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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Free Agency, The Patriots Second Loss This Year

The NFL's most dominate team during the 07-08 season is not having the same success during Free Agency. Already suffering a few setbacks with big name players, the New England Patriots have managed to lock up one of their key guys.

The loss of Asante Samuel, was expected. After the year he had the Patriots, who are not known for paying big money to defensive backs, knew that they weren't going to come to a number that worked for them and kept Samuel happy. Samuel signing with the Eagles wasn't devastating but the accumulation of losses will add up.

Prior to Free Agency officially starting Zach Thomas was released by the Miami Dolphins. On his first trip to Foxboro the Patriots offered Thomas a contract. The offer was tabled while Thomas shopped his services to New Orleans and Dallas. Signing with Dallas a few days after the Patriots made their offer, Thomas began the trend of players opting not to sign with the Patriots.

The latest addition to the list of guys shopping their services, Randy Moss, is now weighing his options. The Patriots chose not to franchise tag Moss. The feeling prior to free agency was that it was a matter of when, not if the Patriots would bring Moss back into the fold. Now that guys are moving all over, it appears the two parties are any where near a deal. The Patriots it seems are trying to get Moss to give a hometown discount to a team he has only played one season for.

Tedi Bruschi on the other hand did resign with Patriots. Whether he got the discount or gave the discount isn't known yet. The details of the one-year deal aren't public yet. Though the fact he wanted a deal for more than one year is known.

That maybe the key point for guys who are deciding to look elsewhere. The Patriots now have a consistent trend of getting rid of guys if they anticipate any kind of decline in performance. I don't fault them it is a business and the team has to do what's best for it. They shouldn't be surprised though when players start to look elsewhere to take care of their own best interest.

Alright people it's March and to us sports fans that means March Madness, Spring Training, and NFL Free Agency. To a lot of people March means March of Dimes.

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