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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Free Agency: Isaac Bruce Signs with the Niners

Looks like the Niners are trying to recreate that old magic. That VERY old magic. The San Francisco Forty-Niners threw their hat in the NFL's Free Agency ring. Signing long time St. Louis Rams wide receiver Isaac Bruce to a two-year $6 million dollar contract.

The move reunites him with former Rams Coach Mike Martz who was recently added to try and get the 49ers offense to look more like the Rams offense circa 2000. Apparently the role of Isaac Bruce; sure handed receiver will be played by Isaac Bruce; washed up receiver. With role of Kurt Warner; the quarterback no one believes in being played quite convincingly by Alex Smith; the quarterback no one, including Niners head coach Mike Nolan, believes in.

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Alright people it's March and to us sports fans that means March Madness, Spring Training, and NFL Free Agency. To a lot of people March means March of Dimes.

My sister is walking for the March of Dimes, click on her banner below, and head to the comments section where you'll find a woman who mentions that March of Dimes helped her family care for her when she was young. That's my Grandmother. Along with beating me for my abuse of the English language on this blog, she has beaten Polio, and a stroke.


If you can donate great if not just check out her comment

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