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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Free Agency: New York Jets Your Early Leaders

NFL's Free Agency period is just one day old, a little early to be declaring a winner. Just right for declaring a leader. The early lead has to go to the Jets. Teams have made bigger splashes in single moves, but no franchise has done as much to improve their whole team. Moves involving big names like Jonathan Vilma, and Alan Faneca are sure to help your team even if one of them is addition by subtraction.

No one, not even the brass at the New York Jets thinks Vilma isn't a standout talent. He just doesn't fit with the Jets defense. Vilma was originally a nice fit for the 4-3 that the Jets ran prior to head coach Eric Mangini's arrival. As Mangini has worked to integrate the 3-4 defense Vilma has seemed more and more out of place. The trade to New Orleans will hopefully get Vilma's career back on track, while getting the Jets some value for the linebacker. The Saints are sending a 4th round pick to the Jets. That could get upgraded to a 3rd or even 2nd round pick based on Vilma's playing time and him signing an extension with the Saints.

The "guys finding a better fit" theme continues with the Jets signing of left Guard Alan Faneca. Faneca who felt the Steelers who had played for 9 years let him down heading into the 07-08 season, his 10th with the team. He felt that for the team to make him play the whole year with no security should he get injured, wasn't a fair reward for his 10 years of service. He showed a fair amount of class; after explaining his side logically, he informed everyone he would be showing up for all required functions, he would play just as hard as he always had, and he would find a new team at the end of the year. He did just that, signing with the Jets for $32 million over 4-years, the first $23 of that is guaranteed. Did somebody say security?

Alan Faneca brings more than just his impressive skills at left guard. He will line up between D'Brickashaw Ferguson and center Nick Mangold; both have only 2 years experience, and will benefit from Faneca's leadership between them. Once the three of them develop a little chemistry they should provide some nice lanes between the tackles for Thomas Jones

Alright people it's March and to us sports fans that means March Madness, Spring Training, and NFL Free Agency. To a lot of people March means March of Dimes.

My sister is walking for the March of Dimes, click on her banner below, and head to the comments section where you'll find a woman who mentions that March of Dimes helped her family care for her when she was young. That's my Grandmother. Along with beating me for my abuse of the English language on this blog, she has beaten Polio, and a stroke.


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