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Sunday, February 17, 2008

San Francisco 49'ers Offseason

The San Francisco 49'ers Offseason got off to a real interesting start with the back and forth between head coach Mike Nolan and starting quarterback Alex Smith. Then they both got a little help in the form of Offensive Coordinator Mike Martz.

While Martz could be just the piece that solves all their problems. He just might be the piece that spells the end for one or both of them. Alex Smith definitely needs a mentor that can help him tap into his potential. Either that or a lobotomy so he isn't such an emotional eggshell. Nolan on the other hand definitely needs someone like Martz who can help him turn up the offense on a team that grossly under achieved in 2007. However, if Martz manages to turn the offensive production up and Nolan still can't deliver on some wins. Martz might end up helping himself to Nolans job.

It just isn't time to give up on Alex Smith yet so while that is a question mark. The last thing his fragile ego needs is for the Niners to take a quarterback. So with the team set well in the backfield with Frank Gore. The Niners need a strong Wide Receiver to compliment Darell Jackson, Arnaz Battle and Tight End Vernon Davis. While any of those three could take the next step to beocme a premier player none of them managed to do it last year.

Early Doucet(WR-LSU) is a big time speed guy that could really free things up underneath. He has also shown that he can step and deliver in big games and big situations.While the head of a team certainly isn't going to be a Wide Receiver any kind of leadership the Niners could bring would be helpful. Especially, considering they are one of the youngest teams in the NFL.

The Niners could also look to shore up thier offensive line though they do a have an early pick in the second round to address that. It would go a long way to improving Alex Smiths play if he wasn't getting dropped one out of every ten plays like he did in 2007.

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