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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Linking up with RonDean

I can't say I'd go for all these ways to fix baseball, but #9 is a gem(Sports Hernia)

Really, A couple of extra Gold medals aren't worth having to deal with these grape-smuggling suits(FanHouse)

Like we needed one more reason to win the Superbowl(With Leather)

Bloggers win again, IOC approves blogging from Beijing. No word on whether Chinese Government will allow competitors out of their cells to use computers.(ESPN)

I am still relevant for another 5-years, let's do this(Dan Shanoff)

le Basketbawl next list should be of the stuff they find in Varejao's hair(le Basketbawl)

NASCAR:Nice little story that'll give you a good preface for where stoack car racing is right now(ESPN)

Representatives of all the Major Leagues(NFL, NBA, NHL) as well as NCAA and High school officials will appear before congress to discuss steroids. They will be joined by representatives from... Horse Racing. WTF?! HORSE RACING?! If I was a professional athlete I'd find this insulting on some level.(ESPN)

Today's entry for"it's not a tragedy it's natural selection"(NYT)

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