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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Tiny Tuna and Old Mother Hubbard

Dance Tina Tuna Dance
Tony Sparano is officially the head coach of the Miami Dolphins. He is unofficially a marionette to Bill Parcells. Hey I am not saying it’s a bad thing I mean, Parcells is a great leader. Why not let him pull the strings. I mean how far are we from a “I shopped for the groceries, so you make what I tell you for dinner” quote out of Bill Parcells.

Old Mother Jones, He's left all alone
With only Wade Phillips beside him

Seriously, Sparano goes to Miami. You figure he is going to take 2-3 guys with him. Now Jason Garrett is the new coach on fire, to go to Atlanta (really?) or Baltimore(no really?). Jerry Jones needs to keep him there, but not nearly as bad as Garrett needs to stay there. He’s been offensive coordinator for all of about five minutes. In that time the team he led under achieved. Also, is he just chomping at the bit to coach, Atlanta or Baltimore. I know he is a quarterbacks coach, but will he really have time to lead either of those teams and bring along who ever those two NFL bottom feeders end up using at quarterback.

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