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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Buffalo Bills Offseason

Outside Shot

Next time someone tells you they are a real fan ask ‘em if they have one of these

Buffalo Bills - So MR. Buffalo Bills, Marv Levy just walked out the door. What to do, what to do? Well, somebody slam it shut before J.P.Losman gets out the door as well. He has asked to be traded rather than playing out the last season of his contract in Buffalo. I actually say trade him, you aren’t exactly knocking on the door to the Superbowl. Unless you are prepared to commit to him as your starter, which you can’t do with Edwards there as well. Instead go out and get some help for your various needs. Losman, still a reasonable quarterback prospect, should garner some decent offers in the Quarterback poor state that the NFL is now.

The Bills Offense is strong at big play receiver, with Lee Evans. A position that is in great need on several teams. They also are getting strong play at running back from Last years draft pick Marshawn Lynch. They do however have needs as far a Tight End and a possession type receiver. They have a few very good 3rd receivers but none I would really consider a true #2. Though we could see Roscoe Parrish in that role. Offensive Coordinator Steve Fairchild is gone off to Colorado St. It will be interesting to see what the Post Levy team does about this opening.
Their Defensive front is serviceable, but needs improvement. This will come with the return of John McCargo who was injured this year and the front will be freed up by the return of Linebacker Paul Poslusnuzy from his season long injury. While these additions will help, the biggest positive for the Defense will be continuity. Safety Jim Leonhard is the only starter going into free agency. Since they have a general balance of good not great across the board on defense I think they would be smart to look to get a bigger more physical presence on the Defensive line since they were a sieve against the run.

You couldn’t help but pull for these guys this year. If you weren’t pumped when you saw Kevin Everett walking into that locker room, you need to get back to your coffin(just kidding Joe Pa)

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