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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sports Bits

Robert Kraft was disappointed by the boos that were rained down on Anna Grant. Grant is the 14-year old girl who was booed at the start of the fourth quarter when she came out, wearing a Patriots jersey to be honored for winning the Punt, Pass, Kick competition. Kraft has decided to give this girl the opportunity to receive the cheers she deserves. She will be on the field for the coin toss this weekend at the AFC Championship game.
You will rarely see me throw out a pro Patriots bit. This however is one of those times. I do not have a real bone to pick with classless fans (that’s another rant though). I do however really appreciate classy moves. This is certainly one by Kraft.

Randy Moss was hit with a temporary restraining order. A woman Moss admit knowing for 11 years has said she was hit and kept from receiving medical treatment by moss. She also claims he has guns inaddition to a "drug and alchohol" problem. Let's not rush to judgement though. A lot of people have been waiting for Moss to implode this year. I don't really think this is it. No criminal chargers were filed, and it really doesn't take anything to get a temporary restraining order, especially if the other party has no interest in contesting it. He also has said if the charges come, he will "stand up and do whats right". Again more maturity on Moss's part.

According to ProFootballTalk league sources are saying Tony Dungy is out in Indianapolis, and Jim Caldwell is in as head coach. Caldwell has been the quarterbacks coach as well as an assistant head coach. I certainly am not surprised. After hearing that his son had enrolled a school in Tampa Bay.I figured that Dungy, a religous and family oriented man, was gone. I am disappointed to see such a great man leave the league but I know he will now start to contribute in a whole new realm.

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