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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Shaquille O'neal to the Suns

In a somewhat surprising season that has seen more big trades than any single season in recent memory we seem to have another huge one in the works. I'll keep updating as details fill out.

It seems that the Heat are trying to move unmoving center, Shaquille O'neal. Reportedly the Suns would be sending Shawn Marion and Marcus Banks. There is apossibility that the Heat would move Smush Parker, who has great chemistry with the big fella. He also has been in the inactive list since a legal issue involving a parking attendant.

I see it from the Heat's point. Things just aren't working, so it is time for a change. With Dwayne Wade's free agency looming at the end of the 08-09 season, they needed to do something to intrigue him into staying. With the athleticism and abilites of a guy like Marion, the potential could interest Wade. It certainly will look more promosing than a future with Shaq at that point.

What I just can't seem to get my mind around is the Suns. I mean he doesn't fit their style of offense. I think they would be smart to go a little slower. They have quite a few years with this run-and-fun offense, I don't see any banners hanging or rings shining. As good an idea that I think that would be. Mike D'Antoni is way to arrogant to do that. So Shaq just doesn't fit. Oh, he will have a brief spike in production, just like he did when he got to LA, and again in Miami. But the spikes got smaller with each stop and this time it'll be more minimal. Announcers have been touting how he has lost weight and gotten quicker to fit into Miami's offense. There isn't enough weight on him to lose, or enough heart in him to lose it at this point. In order for him to fit with the guys in Phoenix. The only part that makes real sense in this is the fact that the hero rides of towards the suns(et).

I will say the most promosing aspect of this is the Shaq vs. Kobe storyline. If they were facing each other to get to the championship. With both of them now on teams that are relevant. I would love to see that back and forth for a seven game series.

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Anonymous said...

While I highly doubt Steve Kerr will sign off on this deal, it would be a coup for Miami, not because of Marion, but the kicker of Marcus Banks. We all know how good Marion is, and he would play magnificently with Wade, but Banks has been terribly misused by the Suns. The Suns fans complain they have no one to play when Nash needs a break. MARCUS BANKS! He's got game, start him next to Wade, Marion, and Haslem, and magic is going to happen, then you've got firecracker Ricky D. to come off the bench for a spark. Pat Riley better pray he can unload overrated Shaq and his bloated contract to make the Heat relevant again.

Ron Dean said...

Yeah I just don't get it from the Phoenix side, it feels like what we have doen hasn't worked so let's try a complete reversal.