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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

North Carolina Vs. Duke Makes Rivalry Week

The rivalry that dominates college basketball and is the highlight of college basketballs rivalry week, fires it up again wednesday. I enjoy college basketball for the entire NCAA (OK the for the top 25). But this game is the peak of my pre-tournament interest.

While geography is an obvious cause for a lot of rivalries. This one has the added element of a class war. While North Carolina is a publicly funded state run school. Duke is a private university. While your nieghrborhood and where you see yourself are certainly things to have pride in, they don't make the kind of heat that this rivalry produces. There has to bea little history.

The accepted elevation from geographical, to passionate rivalry came in the 60's when Art Heyman and Larry Brown(Yes, that Larry Brown) got into a fight on the court. It really rose to prominence in the 90's as NC coach Dean Smith and Duke's Mike Krzyzewski had become quite intense just before the decade began. In the 89 season the two teams split two close regular season game. There was a lot made of the fans involvement in the rivalry. With some of the heat from Smith caused by Duke fands hold up a sign saying "J.R. Can't Reid" mocking the NC Star. The third meeting of the two tems that season was hyped right up until game time. It lived up to it in a way that most games never do. The game went down to 77-74 UNC win with Ried outperforming Duke's Danny Ferry who would miss a game ending heave as it rimmed in-and-out. The most notable stat of the game is that the two teams combined for 49 fouls.

While neither program is known for that style of physical play, you can expect more of the same. This Wednesday you can be sure that Tyler Hansborough will still have last years game on his mind. Check out this clip of how things wrapped up between the two last year. Check out the time and score in this. Yeah the games was over, but the rivalry never is.

If you need one final reason to check out this game. It will be the return of Babbling lunatic College basket ball icon Dick Vitale. Considering what a schill he is for the ACC in general and Duke specifically, you had to know he would make it back from throat surgery to cover this game. With him in the house you know it's gonna be awesome baby.

Since I know this counts to plenty of people let's hear it who do you want to win and what do you think will happen?
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