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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Larry Brown Wants Back Into Coaching

According to The Philadelphia Inquirer (and anyone who will talk to him for five minutes) Larry Brown wants back into coaching. I have to say I am not surprised. We are talking about a guy who has gone to several places and done at least respectably. You know he isn't going to close things out with the New York Knicks debacle as the cap to his legacy.

Brown is currently an employee of the Sixers organization, where he coached previously. The Sixers current coach Mo Cheeks was part of Brown's staff in those days. Brown now wants to make it clear that he does not want Mo's job in Philly. Really!?, you aren't just chomping at the bit to take over a team that is basically the Knicks except without all the talent.

While Larry Brown spouts his desires into the abyss hoping it causes his phone to ring, lets pretend that this might actually happen.

I like the Pacers as a promising return possibility. With the dysfunction going on there right now, and the completely underwhelming performance of the talent they have. You have to think there will be a coaching change their. I mean Jim O'brien has only been there five minutes but they haven't been very good minutes.

If we exclude the previous stops, which are numerous, I can't help but think of the Bulls. This really stems more from the Bulls needs than from any thought of Brown. Though I will say that he has had a knack for solving problems. Teams like the Pacers and the Pistons were underperforming at the times Brown took them over. He then managed to take them to some measure of success. Some better (Pistons) than others (Clippers). If the Bulls are somethign they are inexplicably under performing for there talent. I am also intrigued by the possibility of Brown leading Joakim Noah.

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