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Friday, February 15, 2008

San Diego Chargers Offseason

As we peer into the San Diego Chargers Offseason plans, you can't help but question where they would get stronger. I don't really see a pressing need for them other than to improve their depth in a few areas.

Right after the season ending loss to the Patriots I posted about the Giant Man-Goes that Philip Rivers displayed by playing within a week of his surgery. Given some time to think about it I somewhat backed off of my opinion on him playing. You can't take anything away from Rivers decision to play. I find most of the fault to be with San Diego's coaches and medical staff.

If their depth is a concern it would be in the defensive backfield. As well as someone to fill in for Jamal Williams as the wear and tear on that big bosy seems to be effecting him more and more. In order to strengthen the entire defensive backfield they would be smart to go with a guy like Reggie Smith(DB-Okl.) who is capable of playing either corner or safety. He is talented enough to shortly be taking the place of Marlon McCree who has shown some shortcomings at safety. The Chargers may also look to move Drayton Florence to safety in order to give Cromartie more time on the field. Though he has not really shown a physicality that I personally like from the safety position.

On the other hand they could opt to look to the defensive line to provide some rest for Williams and a replacement for him down the road. While it would be a reach for them to take Pat Sims (DT-Auburn), he is not a superstar but he is a huge physical presence at 6'4" 315. It wouldn't be that hard to reach though because this draft class is very light on interior linemen.

Probably the best news for the Chargers moving forward is that they no longer have the "one and done in the playoffs" monkey on thier back. Norv Turner isn't coaching for his job any longer, at least not to the degree he was last season. He can relax a little and coach. The players should continue their momentum that they gained when midway through the season, they decided that Schottenheimer wasn't coming back through that door, so that might as well play for Norv.

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