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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Why Philip Rivers playing was a mistake

While much of the world, myself included, heaped praise on Philip Rivers. For his gutly performance. Rivers had arthroscopic knee surgery Monday following the divisional playoffs. He took the stop gap measure in order to be able to get on the field for the conference championship against eventual AFC Champion Patriots. While I still feel as strongly as I did about the impressiveness of Rivers actions, A cooling off period to let the emotion of the thing fade has led me to something not so impressive. The San Diego Chargers coaching and medical staff.

Rivers will now have to go through reconstructive knee surgery. They will either use a cadavers ligament or one from his hamstring. This is no small task. While the surgery itself has what the medical community would describe as a high success rate. As far as football performance it isn’t so high. The American Journal of sports medicine put out a study of NFL players who went through the same injury, may of whom did not require the extent of surgery that Rivers will need. What result did they find...

Nearly four fifths of National Football League running backs and wide receivers
who sustain an anterior cruciate ligament injury return to play in a game. On
return to competition, player performance of injured players is reduced by one

I understand a players desire to play. I even admire it. What I do not admire is Norv Turner being crystal clear on the fact that his job hinges on success in the playoffs. Him allowing Rivers to take the steps he did are questionable at best. At worst it will cost Turner his job and Rivers his career down the road.

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