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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Under an Hour til the AFC Championship Game

So we are under an hour now til the AFC championship game. The talking heads have finally run out of things to say about the Patriots, the hype is growing like a a creature in a horror flick. I mean I just saw the ESPN piece where they covered his little known part in the Brady bunch television series. Now they are covering, what is the part of Tom Brady that is under the radar.
Nothing, nothing goes under the radar, with him. You can't have anything go under the radar the guy gets more press than an OJ getting loaded with Lindsay Lohan stabbing and Paris Hilton, while he's babysitting Britney's kids. What is amazing to me is this need to sell it, I mean we are all watching, everyone who has the most marginal interest is tuned in. You've got the potential for an undefeated season on the line. Save those intersting pieces for midway through the game when the Patriots are hammering them.
Enjoy the game, if I think it is worthwhile I'll fire up some posts mid-game.

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