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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Heat reach lucky number 13 AGAINST THE KNICKS

I covered the Heat spiraling out of control in this post. I wont go re-rant on all that I have covered there. However I must say this is just ridiculous. 13 in a row? Against the Knicks? I would have been less surprised if the Heat team that one the championship had lost to these Knicks. At least then we could have looked to the playing down to your competition, or underestimating your opponent angle. I just don't see what the justification is.
Part of their performance comes down to leadership. I appreciate the fact the Dwaaaaaaaayne Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaade (you don't get announcer voice 'til you start winning again)Dwayne Wade is not 100% recovered from his shoulder injury. But you know what I don't want to hear out of my leaders mouth "Just our luck, man," Wade said. "The ball bounced. That's been our season, been our luck." Wade said this referring to a ball that got away from him and Udonis Haslem to be rebounded by David Lee.
I am sorry, what!? Don't give me luck. Don't tell me about how the ball bounced. I wanna hear that from the guy in the third row. Fans get to pull the luck card. But I am thinking guys like Chris Quinn and Dorell Wright need a little stronger message from the Captain than that.

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