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Monday, January 28, 2008

St. Louis Rams Offseason

Though it has little to do with the on the field plans, I can hardly begin this without acknowledging the pasing of long time team owner Georgia Frontiere. I posted shortly after her passing so I wont re-hash it here.

The Rams have needs, not as many as a lot of teams, but you don't get the second pick in the draft without having some needs. The bright side is they are getting a better pick than they probably need only because the number of injuries they suffered caused them to lose more games than their talent probably dictates. In fairness to the situation though not all of those injuries were fluke. Old people get hurt, old people who play football get hurt often.

One of the areas where the Rams age was most pronounced was on the offensive line. When you are signing guys like Brandon Gorin and Todd Steussie off the street, you are in trouble. In fact let's just set that as the bar for your having a bad year on the offensive line. The Rams need to draft early on this side of the ball.

The other side of the trenches is not much stronger. When you starting defensive ends, combine for 3 sacks. That's all year folks. There are guys who pulled that many in a game. Hell, Patrick Kearney did it 3 different times this year. Obviously they need to shore up this spot. they also need to take some attention of their Linebackers who were underwhelming all year.

With thier needs they could take Jake Long (OT-Mich), or they could look to defense and go with Glenn Dorsey(DT-LSU) or Chris Long (DE-VA). If Miami is able to move the #1 pick then all three will be available. If Miami is still at #1 on draft day then one of those defensers will likely be gone. Either one that remains would be a good choice though and with this draft a lot deeper with offensive lineman as opposed to defense they could always wait til the second round to draft for the O-line.

Whatever the draft choices end up being you can expect Scott Linehan to be coaching for his job next season.

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