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Monday, January 28, 2008

Miami Dolphins Offseason

Trade this pick, NOW. It doesn't even have to be that good fo a deal. With the talent evaluating skills of Bill Parcells and Jeff Ireland, you will make more out of several later picks than you can out of one early one.

Ok, Now that we have my opinion slightly clarified. Let's talk about what they need to do in either situation.

The whole complexion of the team has changed due to the fact that Bill Parcells was brought in to run the franchise. He promptly hired Jeff Ireland away from his director of talent evaluation with the Cowboys. They then announced the forgone conclusion that Cam Cameron would be leaving, and as soon as he was available they brought in former Dallas Cowboys offensive line coach Tony Sparano. With all this change it is easier to determine the plans for the future of Miami by looking to Dallas than it is looking back at Miami

If they stick with that #1 spot, they need to shore up their defensive front. With aging Joey Porter and Zach Thomas, they need to strengthen the defensive front in order to pull some focus off of those two. They still have the skill to play, but they can't be the guys getting doubled and focused on by the other teams blocking scheme.

The popular talk is to have them take Darren Mcfadden. I don't like this and I know Parcells wont do it. For starters they have some talent in the backfield already. If they can keep that talent on the field and out of the trainers room. ALso looking at Bill Parcells past drafting strategy, he clearly feels you can get good backs later on in the draft. Neither Julius Jones or Marion Barber were picked very early.

If the Dolphins are capable of getting deper in the draft through a trade they will be able to select multiple players throughout these positions of need. If not then they will take a defensive player. While Glann Dorsey(DT-LSU) is the bigger name , slightly than Chris Long(DE-VA). I think the Dolphins are more likely to turn to Long in the draft. He is a much nicer fit for the 3-4 defense that Parcells will likely have team running.

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