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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Yao Ming's Injured; Who's To Blame

ESPN is reporting that Lee from Dream Shake is giant jinx. Ok that not exactly what they said but I'm paraphrasing here. Maybe I am the jinx for metinong Dream Shakes Nostradamus skills. In either case Yao Ming is is out for the year, with a stress fracture in his foot.

Over the last few weeks Lee, over at Dream Shake, has been predicting win after win. I found it quite impressive, so impressive in fact that when the Rockets finally hit that tenth win and Lee's prediction was completed, I decided I'd give I'd give credit where credit was due and acknowledge his brilliance with a post of my own. Unfortunately I showed my lack of brilliance by crediting Dave who also writes for Dream Shake. Lee left me comment to clear things up. Now that we have all that cleared up though I can't help but wonder. Does Lee really want credit for jinxing the Rockets right out of the playoffs.

Yao is going to miss the rest of the year, including the playoffs-along with the rest of the Rockets now. An MRI revealed fluid around one of the bones in Yao's foot, upon further examination, the teams doctor think Yao should have surgery. There is an alternative to the surgery but either way the recovery time is 4-months. In related news that I could care less about that means that Yao will be available for the Communist Reds uhhh I mean China for the Olympics

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