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Monday, February 25, 2008

Dream Shake is Being Run By Nostradamus

Recent trade action around the NBA has managed to keep another story under the radar. Grungedave over at Dreamshake(Note: I was mistaken the prediction was made by Lee- though now that the Jinx has come in with Yao going down for the season, I am wondering if Lee really wants all that credit) has predicited correctly win after win for his Houston Rockets, who are on a 12-game win streak. His over the top claim that Houston is the hottest team in the NBA, is a litte suspect with the Los Angeles Lakers succes since the Pau Gasol trade. Phoenix, is be given credit for 11 straight agaisnt the east. A streak that ended against Detroit on Sunday.

GrungeDave's constant predictions are impressive. They are made even more so by the fact he realistic about his team shortcomings. People often predict a win every game for their team, celebrating easily when they get it right. If the Rockets momentum carries with them to the playoffs, they will be a force to contend with.

I doubt the Lakers will be shaking in their sneakers at that thought. The Lakers have only lost one game since Pau Gasol's arrival. Their 7-game win streak is reassuring while their hottest emerging players this season, Andrew Bynum, is out recovering from a knee injury. If the chemistry that seemed evident from the moment Gasol donned the Purple and Gold continues when Bynum returns, the Lakers wont fear anyone in the league.

While it is to early for full scale panic; Phoenix GM, Steve Kerr, is likely experiencing some fear. He pulled the trigger on the questionable deal that brought Shaquille O'neal to Phoenix. In the game Phoenix won it appeared to be in spite of Shaq. The two losses seemed directly tied to him. His non-impact in his debut against the Lakers was not an endoresement of the trade. Yesterday's loss against Detroit was strongly tied to Shaq. Phoenix, one of the highest scoring teams in league history finishes a loss with only 86 points, 30 points short of their opponent. The anemic offense and lack of scoring on the break is easily tied to the new, immobile big man.

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UofTOrange said...

I predict that Dave didn't make the 10 in a row prediction, I did!!! That's okay, he's kind of loud mouthed so it probably just looked like he did ;-)

Lee - UofTOrange