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Monday, February 11, 2008

What do you think of this

As some of you may know, I hope to someday make this blog a full time gig. I am sure half of you reading are thinking that you feel the same way. I came across someone else who is of the same mind and is using blogsvertise to do so.

While it seems simple enough follow the simple rules that they have laid out. I don't plan to just whore out my blog, I mean I wouldn't read a blog that was pure avertising but I hope to strike a balance between providing the good content I have thron into past posts while adding in relevant content through blogsvertise that just happens to pay me as well as help you.

What I want to know though is what do you the reader think about this. Provided I don't just punish you with a blogvertise post everyother post. Would you be turned off by a post that you know pays me, purely because it does.

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