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Monday, February 11, 2008

Tennessee Titans Offseason

The Tennesee Titans 2008 Offseason will be full of action. Some of this action started when Vince Young ordered found out about the firing of Norm Chow. Chow was replaced by Mike Heimerdinger. This might turn out to be better fit since he is a run first type of coordinator and Vince Young can't pass...

While the Titans have spent several picks lately on Wide Receivers, they have yet to see much production from those picks. Since Vince Young is clearly running this franchise, there is a large chance they go with Limas Sweed(WR-UT) from the same Texas alma mater as Vince Young. Outside of making Merrill Hoge's personal whipping boy comfortable, Sweed is a very talented receiver. The biggest upside to him is that much like Young he is a winner, even if the stats don't always bear out his greatness. He definately rises to the big occasion. The question really is can the Titans get to a big occasion.

Another possible area of focus for the Titans will be the Defensive End spot. While they are surely going to franchise tag Albert Haynesworth. That is only a one year fix, and with the money that will be required by that tag, they are likely to be short on money when comes to resigning the other free agent on the line, Atwan Odom. Several teams have already shown an interest, so he is likely gone. I will be interested to see how he performs wherever he ends up without a guy like Haynesworth pulling attention away from him.

In an effort to address this need on the line they may look to Calais Campbell(DE-Miami) while Campbell didn't have the production expected of him this year he is a monster at 6'8" 280. He would almost certainly draw a double team if he can show any kind of skill. Between that and the attention Haynesworth draws. The two of them could team up to be a dominant force on the line while freeing up some of the other memebers of the Titans front seven.

One of the intereesting things to watch for this season will be the security that Jeff Fisher has enjoyed. He is the longest tenured coach in the league and without much improvement in recent years. You have to wonder when tha seat starts to get a little hot. The other ongoing saga will be is Vince Young a viable quarterback in this league. Despite some of my joking earlier in this post I think he is. I'll take a winner over a guy who throws a good ball.

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