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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Washington Redskins Hire New Coach

The Washington Redskins have finally named a head coach. Steve Mariucci you say, nope. Pete Carroll has decided to leave USC, not likely. Jim Fassel is coming to town to lead all those cantidates he signed off on, not going to happen. Nope the Redskins have decided to go with Jim Zorn.

Some where AL Davis is laughing from the otherside. What!? Al Davis isn't dead, my bad. Well he is about the only person who is going to be heppy with this hire, since it just bumped him from the most hated owner in professional sports.

I don't mean to go all third grade dodgeball here, but it isn't even like Zorn was the last kid picked when you chose up teams. He was the kid you didn't even want but everybody else decided to play a different game without you. Don't be to disappointed though, I mean at least he has experience. He has been a coordinator since way back two weeks ago when Snyder hired him.

I love the quote that Daniel Snyder submitted into the NFL judgement machine.

"We knew of Jim's stellar offensive reputation, so we hired him as coordinator, but we also suspected he would be a strong candidate for head coach," Snyder said. "After our first six-hour interview with him, I told Joe [Gibbs], 'This guy would make a terrific head coach.' But we stayed true to our commitment to interview every candidate."

Could you make a weaker attempt at trying to pacify the Redskins fans with some form of tying Joe Gibbs into this decision. If Gibbs had made the decision, Greg Williams would be the coach and the world wouldn't be mocking you right now.

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