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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Today the Pro Bowl MVP Mattered

The Pro Bowl is easily the most useless all-star type game in professional sports. I mean it is just like a passing drill in practice. We are not far from them not even bothering to fly the line men out. Don't misunderstand me I still watched. I mean this all the football I am going to get for months.

Today's game brought us the usual fare. High powered offense against a defense that just didn't seem like it was going any more that 50%. Again I don't expect anything else so I am fine with it.

In what was a real class move all the Washington Redskins in the Pro-Bowl wore the #21 to honor slain teammate Sean Taylor. I also have to add it was a great move by the NFL to allow it. I know that should be a no brainer but after the PatTillman-Jake Plummer dust-up nothing would surprise me from the NFL.

Some of the interesting angles to the Pro-Bowl

In what might be a preview of next season Tony Romo hooked up with Larry Fitzgerald in the first quarter. Fitzgerald has a 16 million cap number next season, that is the type of money Cardinals aren't in the habit of working around(becuase they rarely keep talent that demands that kind of money). A lot of the rumors say Double J wants to bring Fitzgerald to Dallas. Nick Folk, Dallas' kicker, also tacked on the extra point but really, who cares about the kicker.

It really isn't relevant to anything but how cool was it to see the NFC go music city miracle on that kick return. You can bet Lovie Smith was taking notes on that play. One more way to work the one-man offense the Bears employ

From the be careful who you talk trash on seminar - Presented by Shaquille O'neal Former teammates Jeff Garcia and Terrell Owens hooked up errr got together uhhh combined nooo, oh you get the point there was a touchdown.

Adrian Peterson scored two touchdowns on the ground, and nabbed the MVP award. While this is all nice and good for us Viking fans. The thing that really made me proud to root for the guy is he took the platform that winning the MVP afforded him and used it to honor Sean Taylor. Saying it was his MVP as well.

Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

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