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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Pittsburgh Steelers Offseason

The Pittsburgh Steelers 2008 Offseason should start with a couple of phone calls. Phone call number one should go to the St. Louis Rams and ask them how all-world running back Steven Jackson did once their normally strong offensive line suffered a few losses to injury. If that doesn't convince them that they should do what is necessary to keep gaurd Alan Faneca, they could always get position specific and call the Seattle Seahawks and see what they think about letting a pro-bowl left guard leave. Since they let Steve Hutchinson go to Minnesota, Sean Alexander can't get any traction in the run game. Meanwhile Minnesota had a rookie set the single game rushing record behind Steve Hutchinson.

The unfortunate thing here is that these calls wont be made. The Steelers are not the type of franchise that will bend to a players demands. I certainly don't think they should. I think this deal should have been worked out long ago so Faneca wasn't put into a position to make those demands. But that is hindisight and hindsight does not make an offseason plan.

After Faneca leaves and when you consider the fact the Roethlisberger is not the kind of quarterback who has succeeded as the main focus of an offense. The Steelers definately need to shore up their line. They are likely to find just the guy they need in Brandon Albert(OG-Virg) while he is a natural Gaurd, but he has shown the ability to play tackle as well. That flexibility
could benefit them both by replacing Faneca and by filling in across the line if they suffer injuries on the offensive side the ay they did on defense in 2007.

If they find that either the Cowboys who currently have the 22nd pick right before them or the Dolphins, who are rumored to be trying to get the cowboys first rounders for their number one, have taken Albert the Steelers are likely to look to replace the over-guaranteeing, under-delivering Anthony Smith. If the Cowboys have taken have taken Albert here they have likely passed on Aqib Talib(CB-Ka), who would be a nice choice . However, if Talib adds a good 40-time to his athleticism and football speed he will be long gone before this spot.

The third route that the Steelers could go would be to get a bigger wide receiver. Much to the displeasure of Hines Ward, Roethlisberger made statements that they needed one. But just because it hurts doesn't mean it isn't true Hines. A likely consideration here is Limas Sweed(WR-UT) at 6'5" 219 he is definitely a big receiver, he also has shown great leaping ability and athleticism. He has shown a good level of toughness as far as physical play and the ablility to beat that jam on the line. Where he needs to upgrade that toughness is as a pass blocker he is good at best and to play on the Steelers you have to be a great run blocking receiver. This shouldn't be any issue beyond a little mentoring on how to properly block. He has shown a certain toughness going over the middle, especially in the moments that count.

Not the most important offseason factoid but here it is, Mike Tomlin won the sexiest coach in the NFL award given out by Victoria's Secret during Superbowl week. Just managing to beat out the The Human Solar Panel, The Walrus brothers, and The Saddle bag with eyes. This is about as impressive as when I beat my 4-year old at wrestling. And you better believe that I do beat him. I DRINK HIS MILKSHAKE, I DRINK IT UP.

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