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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Shaquille O'neal the Lakers Babe Ruth?

According to TNT and ESPN Kobe Bryant's injury is worse than initially thought. According to reports the pinky on Bryant's right, shooting, hand has a torn ligament. The reports are that this will require surgery which will sideline Bryant for 6 weeks.

According to Bryant he is going to try and put off surgery until after the season and hopefuilly after competing as part of Team USA. You can obviously draw from this that Kobe believes there is a possibility for a championship. I don't know Kobe personally but I am just guessing he isn't going to push through the injury for another first round exit from the playoffs.

I am starting to feel a curse of the Big Aristotle. Since the Lakers traded Shaq to the Heat.

  • Heat 1 Championship, Lakers Post season success NONE

  • Heat dominating in head to head (Excusing this year as a complete grease fire)

  • Lakers subsequent trade: All-Star Caron Butler for Former Laker Kwame Brown

  • Lakers Big Men Cursed; Chris Mihm - Chronic foot problems, Andrew Bynum - Injured, Kwame Brown- All kinds of Kwame

  • Kobe Bryant - Shaq's nemesis in the trade - Injured

This better stop soon or we are looking at an Boston Red Sox-esque 86 years down the road.

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