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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Jason Kidd Trade: Update or Devean George's New Found Importance

The ongoing saga that is the Jason Kidd to the Dallas Mavericks trade continues. The Rumor mill started when Kidd asked demanded to be traded. The first real substantial rumor was a completely unrealistic 3-way deal involving the Trailblazers. Then we got a little more realistic with the Maverick's making the deal on their own.

Now all of a sudden Devean "0-for-11" George, went from a 2 to 10 on the NBA importance scale. For some unimaginable reason Devean George has a veto clause in his contract. Upon hearing that he would be descending to near the bottom of the NBA talent pool, by joining the Nets in return for Jason Kidd. George vetoed the trade that was on the table, shortly before he went out and went 0-for-11 against the Trailblazers. Apparently under the impression that he is now untradeable he fired up four of those gems from behind the arc.

While I don't blame George for shutting down a trade to the Nets. I also can't be to upset about the 0-for that he put up, it happens. But man talk about bad timing.

Here is the YouTube of Devean George's postgame explanation.

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