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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Linking up with RonDean

My list of links was stacking up so it's a little heavy today. Enjoy.

You think Clemens spin machine is out of control, at least it's not teddy bear hand outs(Yahoo)

If you like this history of Logo's you're just as nerdy as me(Neatorama)

Even I am not this nerdy though(Gizmodo)

A million good ideas never get produced but some moron found a market for THIS?(Nerd Approved)

This makes me wish I would have personalized my Powerbook before it got stolen(Yahoo)

Creepy behind the scenes NBA deals, why does this article make me wanna shower(MiamiHerald)

YOU? were unlucky, I am betting the 5 dead chicks feel like they might have been the unlucky ones(Telegraph News)

Nothing like Bloggers talking about how important Bloggers are(Fanhouse)

"Drunk as a Duck" just became the phrase to say around here(iliketotallyloveit)

Russians figure out time travel; right now trying to win the cold war(Gizmodo)

Dolly Partons Breasts keep her from singing; sweet a two-for-one(Yahoo)

#1 sign your Superbowl party got out of hand, Body in the Bathtub(Yahoo)

Even Randy Couture's wife can beat me up(MMAJunkie)

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