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Saturday, February 16, 2008

NFL Teams Begin Offseason Shakeups

As the NFL Offseason gets into full swing several teams attempt to superman the MO-mentum.

It is nice to see teams that had such disappointing performances last season not settling. I mean as a Vikings fan I have watched several offseasons come and go wondering why nothing was done to improve, when I assume they were as unhappy with the previous season as I was.

This Offseason the long suffering Dolphins and Falcons fans can at least take solace in the fact that their teams seem commited to getting better. The Panthers fans while not nearly as bad off as those two camps, can at least see small signs of improvement.

The Dolphins began their offseason remodel under Bill Parcells. They kicked things off first by dumping Marty Booker(WR), Trent Green(QB), L.J. Shelton(OT), Keith Traylor(DT),Anthony Alabi(OT), Anthony Bryant(DT), Marion Dukes(OT), Marquay Love(DT), Joe Toledo(OT). Then they commited the de-aging process by telling Zach Thomes(LB) he would no longer be needed. Honestly, it would seem lik a scary proposition to dump almost 20 percent of your teams roster, especially a face of the franchise guylike Thomas. Then again when you're 1-and-15 you probably ought to look to dump even more. Bottom line while I may not be sure move to move about the Dolphins decision. I am sure I would have confidence in Parcells.

The Panthers came to the get younger, and cut salary party just a little later than the Dolphins. The cut Dan Morgan(LB) as well as Mike Wahle(OG). While Wahle is a little better right now, and will probable alnd a gig sooner. Morgan is still a great prospect, he won't draw the kind of interest(or money for that matter) that he did a few years ago as a free agent. But there are teams that will take a shot on him recovering his health. Especially teams that could use the kind of leadership he has shown, for their defense.

The Falcons are rounding out this trend for now. They announced to day that they are releasing Alge Crumpler(TE), Byron Leftwich(QB), Wayne Gandy(OT), Lewis Sanders(CB), Jamin Elliott(WR), Marcus Wilkins(LB), Rod Coleman(DT). Ok some of this was clearly the other shoe dropping. I mean even Leftwich had to figure he was gone. I am surprised to see Gandy and Coleman on this list. They will be on new teams by the time, it really matters. But those could be the result of financial concerns so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt.

Where I can't seem to keep from flapping my arms(Read: Dirty Bird) in disgust, is Alge Crumpler. You have got to be kidding me. Hey new gm, (who's name I am not even taking the time to look up, because with moves like this he'll be gone before I can research it) don't make a big move to make a big move. No matter who your quarterback is next season I am sure it wont be anyone established. With that as a given, you might want to consider hanging onto that security blanket of a tight end. Every new quarterback loves a safe dump off guy, and hates new gm Thomas Dimitroff(Did you really think I wasn't even gonna look it up. :-). It really is a blessing to Alge Crumpler though. He is definitely moving up no matter where he goes. He will have a new jersey by the time I hit publish on this post.

Like I said the expected portion of this Leftwich. If he was on thin ice as the season ended. He had to hear that ice cracking when head coach Mike Smith was brought over from the team he was just released from to start last season.

While all the turnover is interesting. The best part of this is the fact that the league gets better overall. Being a huge football fan every move that makes the whole league more interesting I am a supporter of. Is it pre-season yet??

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