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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Linking up with RonDean

I can't imagine why we are getting fatter by the minute(Gizmodo)

Just, stop. With your ease of use descriptions. Everyone knows this is for porn(Gizmodo)

"We're taking a leap that the person it belongs to probably is not alive." - That's some crack detective work Barney Fife(Yahoo)

Firefighters rescue kid looking in the washing machine for Narnia, ruining natural selection(Yahoo)

I can't figure out if I am offended or amused(SWPL)

Another installment of "A million good ideas never get produced but some moron found a market for THIS?"(NSFW - Nerd Approved)

If my girl isn't cool on the bottom, I guess it's time for a new girl(Nerd Approved)

Think Lake Mead going dry isn't important, how 'bout this and this(Wired)

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