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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Bibby To The Hawks: Good? Bad?... Pointless.

According to ESPN Mike Bibby is heading to the Atlanta Hawks. The point guard that led them through most of the recent success the franchise has enjoyed will be leading a new group of young players in Atlanta. Though I am not convinced he will be their primary leader.

Atlanta will be sending Anthony Johnson(G), Tyronn Lue(G), Lorenzen Wright(C), Shelden Williams(F/C), and Atlanta's 2nd round pick in the next draft.

It isn't that this is to much for Bibby, which could be argued. It's not even that Atlanta is giving a big enough name for Bibby, which is the other side of that argument. The real issue is I don't see how this helps either team.

From the King's perspective you are basically getting the 2nd round pick, Shelden Williams and a bunch of expiring contracts. While those expiring contracts will certainly make them players in the upcoming free agency market. They are acknowledging a serious rebuilding effort by removing the veteran leader of the team. You have to wonder how long until Artest is dealt he certainly can't be part of a any major rebuilding plan as he will be much to old by the time any serious rebuilding could be completed.

On the Hawks side of things I can definitely see the benefit of bringing in a guy like Mike Bibby. He is a veteran leader with playoff experience. It may be just what a young team like Atlanta needs. Then again a big part of the success there has been the camaraderie you can see spilling over from their play on the court. How will having the leader of that pack, Joe Johnson, benched in favor of Bibby effect those young players morale. Also how will it effect Joe Johnson specifically, he left money and a much more likely shot at a ring in Phoenix, in order to be the man in Atlanta. He is not likely to be a happy presence in the locker room, when he has to come off of the bench again.

Interesting side note on this trade. You have to wonder what Spurs head coach, Gregg Popovich, thinks about all this. He just let Beno Udrih go prior to this season. There is no way Sacramento is making this move without Udrih being such a capable distributor while Bibby was hurt. While Popovich will probably say all the right things, if he says anything at all. I bet if he is honest with himself he'd love to have Udrih instead of Damon Stoudemire right about now.


Anonymous said...

You're a moron dude. Joe Johnson is our shooting guard, not point guard. Our starting line up will be 1)Bibby 2)J.Johnson 3)M. williams 4)Josh Smith 5) Al Horford. Your speculation is unfounded.

Ron Dean said...

Johnson runs the point plenty and watch his minutes they will go down once bibby gets there. Even if they don't breaking up the chemistry that team had will hurt them. I mean do you really think they were on the bubble of doing anything this year, or the next year No. So why mortgage the future.