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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Way to Start Out Sadness

I have been thinking of re-starting my new blog for a little while now. I no longer write for work so I have found my skills dulling. I do take some pride in writing so I have been waiting for a topic that I really felt would be an entertaining post. Unfortuantely instead I ran into a topic that I couldn't let go by with out sharing a little on. The sad passing of NC State womens basketball coach Kay Yow.

I am not a big fan of womens basketball. For the 12 of you that are, that is an argument for another time. Yow was an incredible woman. Not only did she stay at the same school since 1975, a run that is second only to Pat Summit's at Tennessee, she did it while fighting through multiple battles with breast cancer.

In 1987 she was first diagnosed with cancer. She had already accomplished great things, leading the US to a victory over Russia. It isn't really what she did to that point though. It was jsut a year after her battle with cancer began that she again led the US team to a gold in the 88 Olympics.

Her on the court success continued, resulting in 657 wins at NC State. She did her best work off the court. Promoting awareness and lending her name and time to the V-foundation. The foundation is the legacy of fellow NC state head coach Jim Valvano who fell to cancer several years ago.

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