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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Jim Zorn: Totally Prepared to Coach the Redskins

I have already posted about the Washington Redskins Hire of Jim Zorn. I know no one likes a guy who says I told you so. But every body likes being the guy who says it. I TOLD YOU SO.

Zorn held his first press conference yesterday. He echoed the surprise most felt upon hearing that he got the job saying "I was a bit taken back, if you will," Zorn then said. "I wasn't speechless, because my first words were: 'Certainly, I'd like to do that.' It was a bit shocking. After that I got my game face on and tried to get after it."

Yeah Jim, that screams competent. If you are surprised that you got a job how qualified can you be. Then Jim told us just how competent and prepared he is. He referred to the Redskins' colors as "maroon and black" instead of burgundy and gold. Look I can forgive you on Maroon instead of Burgundy. My girl is responsible for any color distinction beyond Red in my house. But how did you confuse Gold with Black. I mean it obviously isn't a matter of confusion. He literally is such a giddy 12-year old girl that he just blurted out the wrong word. That is even more concerning.

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